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Kei Franklin

Kei Franklin

ROOM (2014 - )   

ROOM is a co-created storytelling experience for one or more blindfolded person(s), referred to as the ‘Player(s)’. Each iteration of ROOM is unique, as live performers improvise the storyline anew in response to and alongside the Player’s imagination. Partly as a response to text-based adventure games, the experience affords an imaginary space without limits. The stories are co-created by the audience and the narrators in live collaboration and co-authorship.

Since 2014, I have been performing and producing ROOM with the Singapore-based collective, experimenting with the boundaries of the form, the possibilities for accommodating large groups of Players. In 2020, Jevon Chandra and I collaborated with members of the UK-based ROOM collective in order to begin experimenting with Remote ROOM, as performed by artists in Singapore and London with Players from around the world. 

ROOM was originally conceived by UK-based artists Sophie Grodin and Alan Fielden; and then developed by Jemima Yong, Annabelle Stapleton Crittenden, Malachy Orozco,  and Fab Gorjian. In 2014, Jemima founded a Singapore-based collective of ROOM performers. Between the UK and Singapore-based collectives, ROOM has been performed at many venues and festivals including Goodman Arts Centre Open House (Singapore) and Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK). Remote ROOM was performed at Denmark’s Passage Festival (2020).

Find out more about ROOM here

Collaborators: Jemima Yong, Jevon Chandra , Mariel Chee , Willie Khoo
Photo Credits: Jemima Yong, Mariel Chee, Alecia Neo

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