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Kei Franklin

Kei Franklin

UnEarth (2017)      

UnEarth is a satirical performance-tour that comments upon Singapore’s positioning as a global financial hub, the largest publicly owned port in the world, and Asia’s ‘most sustainable’ city.

In UnEarth, audience members don green glasses and confront the ironies that are integral to this cosmopolitan ‘City in a Garden’. They are led (on the safety of sidewalks) through the Singapore Botanic Gardens (the nation’s original agri-colonial relic) before playing ‘plant bingo’ and reassembling parts of a rotisserie chicken in front of its distant relatives - a family of red jungle fowls. 

The UnEarth tour culminates in the comfort of an air-conditioned ecotopia, where audiences can enjoy all the soothing pleasures of ‘nature’ over a glass of champagne, and without all those pesky bugs. 

“A waterfall of a wake-up call... Clipping on green cellophane with eye-catching clothespins and walking around one of the most pristine malls of Singapore -- and therefore, necessarily one of the most sullied plots of nature -- was an amazing experience that challenged me and all onlookers. This sort of "strategic interruption" was an ingenious form of subtle environmental activism for all involved.” 
Mx. D Dangaran               

“I am disturbed to realise how truly disembodied I have become.” 
Kavya Gopal               

Photo Credits: Janel AngJevon ChandraStacey Yuen

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