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Kei Franklin

Kei Franklin

To Gathering (2020 | Ongoing)

To Gathering is an ongoing series of experimentations and research-workshops being conducted by Brack, exploring acts of gathering and radical hospitality amidst conflict and disruption. This project explores questions that are integral to our interdisciplinary and collaborative practice. How do individuals come together to build a world? How do we work toward a common vision while embracing plurality? How do we exercise choice and agency, while allowing others to do the same? What role do consent, negotiation, faith, and surrender play in acts of collective decision making?

We are interested in notions of co-creation and collaborative play, which are not only constructive but also restorative and even potentially transformative, seeking common ground and empathy through engaging deeply with our differences. Our To Gathering series comprises multiple explorations including Worldbuilding and Making of a MealI serve as Brack’s Editor-in-Chief and one of the core team members developing these research workshops.

See our Live Archive Research Site here

Collaborators: Alecia NeoJevon Chandra

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