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Kei Franklin

Kei Franklin


Tomorrow’s Islands is an installation-performance about movement, connection, and attention. Using land reclamation as a subject, the work treats the migration and compaction of sand as a metaphor for the displacement and reconstitution of community, reflecting on the potential and challenges of communality amidst congregation. How, if at all, does physical proximity translate into emotional connection? How does a place become a home? What risks do we take in being vulnerable? And when coming together is too difficult, what possibilities for solitude remain?

World acclaimed smart-city Songdo (South Korea) is built atop what was once deep-sea sand, over former coastal tidelands. Soil from Cambodian deltas comprises Jurong Island - Singapore’s largest oil refinery. How does Cambodian soil become Singaporean? Who decides? With power and information asymmetries abound, what might ‘productive protest’ look like? Tomorrow’s Islands explores acts of departing and arriving – what it means to carve out a space, and what it means to come together.

Tomorrow’s Islands was created with the support of the Incheon Foundation For Art & Culture. Watch an excerpt of the performance here.

Collaborators: Jungsuh Sue Lim, Jevon Chandra

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